Helen M. Milenski is running for County Council to bring a new perspective to the management of this County. Los Alamos will be subject to a very new fiscal environment with the switchover of the management of Los Alamos National Laboratory.  She has spoken strongly for having fiscal foresight as a county because of the reduction of the GRT received from LANL due to being a non-profit. The current council’s reaction to the loss of at least $21M out of a ~$70M discretionary budget is to immediately study which taxes they can raise without citizen input.

This is the wrong reaction to this news, news that should have come as no surprise to anyone on the council. Helen personally insisted numerous times that they exercise caution.  Instead they chose to override the will of the people against the voted down the Recreation Bond, and flagrantly passed almost all the same spending that was in the bond as Capitol Improvement Projects. Helen and many others spoke loudly to the Council that they should defer all such new capitol outlays at least until the decision on the new Lab management contract was known.

This disregard for the voices and concerns of the citizen’s is what is endemically wrong with our current leadership. This attitude of blind and deaf concern for the actual will of the citizen has been illustrated with patronizing glee. This action has encouraged and rewarded that same disregard within the rest of the county in various divisions and groups. This direction has to change for the good of all of Los Alamos. Helen has been respectfully and intelligently holding the line, cautioning the leadership, and attempting to use reason and respect to be heard even in the face of hostility and criticism.

Helen continues to demand logic and sensibility from our leadership. As a leader for our community Helen will petition against new spending initiatives, or new taxes, but set a course for strong examination of current spending for savings. There is no way for the Council to tax their way out of this situation, spending cuts must be immediately considered. The sooner the better for the good of all of Los Alamos!

Contact at helen.milenski@gmail.com

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